A Review Of The Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor

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4.5/5 on July 27, 2017
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If you’re interested in buying a monitor which makes your home computing experience more entertaining and fulfilling, then you’ll benefit from discovering the Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor (ASIN B01M1D7JVO).

This popular monitor has a mid-range price tag and so many appealing and practical features. Today, we’re going to help you learn about this monitor’s features, as well as who it’s right for, its key benefits and its advantages and drawbacks.

Our goal is streamline your comparison-shopping process.

Main Features of This Monitor

Product Specs:
Model: LC34F791WQNXZA
Weight: 16.75 pounds
Dimensions: 6.57 x 31.83 x 14.28 inches
User Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $949.99
Lowest Price: $689.99

Samsung is a trusted brand with a strong reputation. This well-known, South Korean electronics company was founded way back in 1938, so it’s one of the most established electronics firms on the planet.

When you invest in this model, you’ll access true Samsung quality. You’ll receive a widescreen monitor with 1500R curvature and a thirty-four inch screen. This monitor comes with state of the art “Quantum Dot” technology which supports sRGB of one hundred and twenty-five percent.

As well, it has an aspect ratio of twenty-one to nine, which means that multi-tasking will be a total breeze. The Samsung CF791 has a screen refresh rate of 100h and a response time of four milliseconds.

Who Is It Right For?

Gamers will love this monitor, as will those who love to watch Hollywood blockbuster films on their computers! Since the monitor’s screen is so large, it’s designed to boost viewing pleasure. Also, the screen’s curvature and superb resolution will provide the ultimate in immersive viewing.

In addition, those who love to multi-task will appreciate the technical features of this model. For example, you may use the monitor’s “picture by picture” feature in order to link a couple of input sources through DP and HDMI. You’ll access original image quality for both sources. It’s also possible to resize the 2nd picture to twenty-five percent of screen size and then move it wherever you want to.

Important Note: While most users are not affected by this, some users have asked about text clarity looking edgy or rough on this monitor. By default from the factory, the monitor's sharpness level is set to 75 which may be a bit too high in some cases, causing text to look not as clean as one might expect. Reduce the sharpness level a bit and it should clear up this issue.

What Are Its Key Benefits?

The size of this thirty-four inch, 15000R monitor is a key selling point. It offers screen resolution of 1440 by 3440. This is two and a half times the pixel density of typical high-def! If you want to view pictures which are razor sharp, you’ll love this Samsung monitor. You’ll be able to view a lot of content at one time, with greater ease.

This sleek monitor is a thing of beauty and its Quantum Dot technology means that it provides a larger amount of colors than a typical monitor. As well, the colors are vibrant, true and crisp. In particular, greens and reds shown on this monitor look exceptional, thanks to its superb color quality. Each monitor is calibrated within the factory. If you choose this monitor, you’ll be able to see images which are very life-like and accurate. The team at Samsung set up each monitor to perfection before it’s shipped out to the end-user!

This monitor is able to support RGB color space up to a maximum of one hundred and twenty-five percent. As well, it’s three thousand-to-one contrast ratio is impressive. Another great benefit of choosing this monitor is that you’ll access VA panel technology which reduces the leakage of light over the whole monitor.

Even the most serious and competitive gamers will find that this monitor has it all. The curved design of the unit and its fast screen refresh rate (100hz) mean very little stutter! As well, this unit features a very quick response time of four milliseconds, a Game Mode and Freesync of the AMD type.

This monitor helps gamers to access the smoothest game play.

Pros and Cons of This Monitor

We’ve already talked about some superlative features of this monitor and these are definitely “pros”. However, we’ve really just scratched the surface!

More advantages include a display screen which is free of bezels on three sides. This promotes the most seamless viewing experience. As well you’ll find that this monitor’s casting and frame make it easy to keep cables centralized and out of the way. Also, this monitor has anti-glare protection and it’s a design which may be tilted or raised, via its stand, which is adjustable. Position your monitor precisely in order to feel more comfortable as you watch.

Another key “pro” of this model is multiple ports and speakers which are built-in. The speakers have seven watts of power and you’ll be able to enjoy games, films and Web content without resorting to extra speakers which require more cables. This monitor features a couple of HDMI ports, a couple of USB ports and a DP port.

In terms of “cons”, we really have to look for them, because the Samsung CF791 is a high-caliber monitor. To find drawbacks, we had to check out customer reviews. In general, reviews were very positive. However, a few customers experienced “dead pixel” issues while using their monitors. A dead pixel will show up when a whole pixel of group of sub-pixels remain off.

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We Recommend This Model

This monitor is so attractive and it’s got the big screen that most personal computer users want. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a fancier monitor with more display space, premium resolution and all of the right connectivity features, then you should order the Samsung CF791 today!

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