A Review Of The Safavieh Milan Shag Collection SG180-1414 Area Rug

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4.7/5 on August 8, 2017
D. W. Taylor

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If you’re interested in updating your living room or another part of your home interior, you should know that adding a high-quality and beautiful area rug will help you to change the room’s look in no time flat. One area rug to consider is the Safavieh Milan Shag Collection SG180-1414 Area Rug.

This beautiful and well-made area rug comes in a neutral, dark beige finish and you’ll find that it provides exceptional plushness.

Main Features of This Area Rug

Product Specs:
Model: SG180-1414-10
Weight: 133 pounds
Dimensions: 168 x 120 x 2 inches
User Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $450.64
Lowest Price: $442.92

Designed to add a touch of contemporary style to your home, this fluffy and cozy rug has the designer look, for a reasonable, mid-range price. It’s an area rug which is crafted with polypropylene fibers which are thick and soft. It’s made with a power loom and it is definitely built to last.

This rug is super-durable. As well, you may expect almost no shedding. The pile used to make this rug measures two inches for true “sink in” comfort.

Also, Safavieh is a trusted name in rugs. In fact, this company has been producing rug designs for more than a century. Rugs from this company are of superb quality and they add beauty, character and personality to homes and commercial spaces.

Who Is This Rug Right For?

This rug is a fine choice for those who have wood or laminate flooring. When you throw a gorgeous rug like this on top of part of your wood or laminate floors, you’ll be able to create a soft and comfy space which also looks fantastic. These rugs are perfect for living rooms, but feel free to break the design rules by adding this stunning area rug anywhere that you want to, from a dining room to a kitchen to a bedroom or den.

Also, it’s very easy to move this area rug around from room to room. It’s a mid-range price point, so it’s ideal for people who don’t mind paying a bit more for good quality, without spending a fortune!

Main Benefits of This Area Rug

This rug is a bolder-than-typical accent which will really make a statement. The Milan Shag area rug is silky-soft and crafted from rugged yarn which holds up beautifully over time. Also, this rug is easy-care, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time and energy looking after it.

Designed to offer refined style which is delightfully modern, the simplicity of this luxurious rug is the secret of its enduring charm. It looks more expensive than it is because it’s free of gaudy design elements. Its beauty lies in its color, plushness and fabric, as well as its pleasing shape.

If you want an area rug which is made from fine materials that are designed to offer long product life, then this may be the rug for you. It features a Jute backing, plus Polypropylene pile and it measures eight feet by ten feet. Its dark beige color is really sophisticated and it will be an ideal choice for those who prefer earth tones and neutral home or business interior palettes.

Pros and Cons of This Design

This design is pretty affordable in light of its quality and durability and it definitely offers high style for the price. We also love the brand. It’s a brand that’s been trusted for over a century. Also, we like the size of this area rug. It’s large enough to completely change the look of a room, without being too big. It’s a classic size for area rugs and this makes this dark beige design very versatile. If you get tired of it in one room, and this is unlikely, you may move it to another. It’s rug that’s going to last for ages.

In terms of drawbacks, its pile isn’t made from natural fibers. It is synthetic. Synthetic fibers tend to hold up better, although there may be exceptions, so this may not even be a drawback for you. Some people do want all-natural fibers. Other prefer synthetic fibers which look like natural fibers but are more rugged.

Also, one drawback may be the fact that this isn’t a budget rug. It’s a mid-range design from a very good manufacturer. We think that it’s always worth paying a little more for exceptional quality, but you may disagree. Some people need to find budget rugs. If you’re on a shoestring budget, this rug may not be right for you. It’s perhaps a rug that you may upgrade to in the future.

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Order This Gorgeous Rug Today

Give a room or foyer some texture and visual interested by adding the Saveinah Milan Shag Collection area rug today. It’s so well-made, it’s designed to offer great performance over the long term and it provides contemporary beauty, as well as tons of plush softness. You’ll love the way that this rug improves the look of your home or commercial interior.

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