A Review Of The Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector

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4.4/5 on August 4, 2017
D. W. Taylor

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Owning your own home theater projector will allow you to access the ultimate in cinematic entertainment, right from your own living room! If you’re shopping around for a home theater projector, we think that you should take a closer look at the Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector.

This world-class projector is loaded with great features. It’s got all of the bells and whistles that you would expect from a top-tier home theater projector…and it’s quite affordable in light of its superb quality!

Also, this design comes from a trusted, multi-national manufacturer which has been around since 2002.

Main Features Of This Projector

Product Specs:
Model: UHD60
Weight: 16 pounds
Dimensions: 13 x 19.6 x 6 inches
User Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $1999.00
Lowest Price: $1995.00

This impressive home theater projector features 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) resolution. You’ll find that it provides the clearest, most vibrant image quality. As well, it offers exceptional brightness, thank to three thousand ultra- bright lumens! If you want premium image quality, this may be the the model that you’ve been searching for!

Designed to offer color which is truly cinematic, via Rec.709 technology, this model is compatible with HDR and it will produce rich, deep blacks, pure whites and color which is very natural. Since it does have such a wide color gamut, along with compatibility with DCI-P3, it will enhance your viewing pleasure. You’ll love the way that films look when they are displayed via this model.

In addition to these wonderful, high-tech features, this home theater projector has dynamic black technology, which means that it offers a contrast ratio of one million to one. This excellent contrast ratio contributes to optimal black levels.

Another great feature that you’ll access when you invest in this particular model is 18Gbps, which provides superlative image quality, device compatibility and video bandwidth, via the projector’s HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 systems.

Lastly, this home theater projector comes with 1.6x zoom and vertical lens shift, both of which provide installation which is flexible and intuitive.

Important Note: In case you were wondering about the the fan noise of the Optoma UHD60, the fans are rated 25 Db in Eco mode and 28 Db in Bright mode according to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, there is no information from Optoma about the distance that those Db ratings were taken.

Who Is It Right For?

This projector is best for those who want the best! It’s not a cheap projector because it does feature all of the latest technological advancements. It’s right for discerning cinema fans who want amazing picture quality from home. When you choose this model, your home movie experiences will be elevated. You’ll get the same buzz that you get in a real movie theater, without needing to leave the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Also, those who love to entertain will find that this home theater projector is the centerpiece for some fun group movie nights!

Main Benefits of This Model

We’ve already talked about the technical specifications for this model and they are definitely brilliant! Optoma is the world’s premier home theater projector manufacturer and this is a good reason to choose this model. Since it’s crafted with painstaking attention to detail by technicians who really understand these projectors and how to build the best, you’ll do well to buy from this brand.

This is a home theater projector which is state of the art. It’s got the 4K UHD technology that discerning customers are looking for. When you choose this model, you’ll be able to enjoy over eight million pixels on the screen. This means dazzlingly crisp and vibrant image quality!

Pros and Cons

The pros are practically endless! When you do choose a high-end model like this, you’ll get so much in return. You’ll access resolution which is stunning. Every film will display perfectly for a authentic “movie theater” feel at home. This projector is very well-made by industry leaders, so it’s really lacking for nothing. In order to balance our review, we checked out customer reviews for this top-notch home theater projector. Most reviews were accolades. However, a few people did have issues…

One customer found that the projector stopped functioning about half an hour after the buyer got it up and running. The customer was frustrated by the problem. Another buyer mentioned that fiber optic audio out won’t function with 4K. This is something that you may want to take into consideration before you buy.

Overall, eighty percent of reviews at a large online retailer rated this projector five or four stars. Most people love their Optoma home theater projectors and find them easy to use. Since its reviews are so strong and positive, we’re more than comfortable recommending this top-tier projector to you today.

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Is the Optoma UHD60 Home Theater Projector Worth Purchasing?

Before you buy, be sure to check out reviews online. There are plenty of them out there! However, we’ve shared all of the technical specifications of this model with you today. Our goal is to make your comparison-shopping easy. When it comes to choosing between a few high-end projectors, we recommend considering brand reputation, reviews, prices and features. This one is definitely a great model which delivers for most people who buy it. With this in mind, why not add it to your short list?

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