A Review Of The Normande Lighting qCOM-2648A-3PK Set, 2 Table Lamps and Floor Lamp

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4.5/5 on August 8, 2017
D. W. Taylor

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When you choose the Normande Lighting qCOM-2648A-3PK Lamp, you’ll receive a three-piece set which includes a couple of table lamps and one floor lamp. It’s nice to buy an affordable set like this one, because you’ll be able to take care of lighting in a larger room, such as a living room, by buying just one package of lamps!

We like the way that these lamps look and do have good quality for their budget price point. Today, we’d like to share more information about these lamps and all that they have to offer…

Main Features of This Set

Product Specs:
Model: COM-2648A-3PK
Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.2 x 18.11 inches
User Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $124.99
Lowest Price: $90.27

This set has all of the lighting that most people need for their living rooms. It’s also quite attractive. The lamps have bronze-tone finishes, so they do look very classic. As well, they feature cream-colored shades with a fluted shape. If you want elegance for a low price, you’ll get it with this three-pack of table lamps and a floor lamp. Use all the lamps in one room or break up the set to light up different parts of your home or business.

The table lamps in this set measure 26.5 inches and the floor lamp measures 62.5 inches. You won’t receive bulbs with your order but they are easy to order online when you order the lamps. You may have some light bulbs lying around at home already. The lamps switch on right near the bulbs, so each lamp in this set will be simple to switch on and off.

Who Are They Right For?

These lamps look pricier than they are and they offer an ideal blend of modern and traditional design elements. If you want economical lamps and like all of your lamps to match, you’re an ideal candidate for this affordable set. As well, if you want lamps which are simple to assemble, you’ll appreciate this three-piece pack. The lamps are easy to put together, even if you’re not handy, and they provide premium lighting without busting a budget. While they don’t feature the same high-end quality as some expensive designer lamps, they do offer good style and illumination.

Main Benefits of This Set

We think that these lamps offer quite a bit of value for the money. They look nice, they blend in well with a variety of home decor and they don’t cost much. As well, we like the brand. Crafted with care by Normande Lighting, which is an established manufacturer of lighting fixtures with a good reputation, these cost-effective lamps provide the right level of brightness for living rooms and other parts of the home. Also, if you want to light up a commercial space without going over budget, this set will provide you with the lighting that you need for a rock-bottom price.

Pros and Cons Of This Set

We’ve talked about how cheap this set is. While prices will vary based on where you buy, it’s safe to say that you’ll find it difficult to access a three-piece set of lamps for a lower price. As well, we like the traditional style of these lamps. They are quite refined in terms of how they look, so they do appear a bit more expensive than you might expect at this price point. Overall, they offer a lot of advantages for very little money.

Customers who rated this set highly liked the quality of the shades and the overall style of the lamps. They also found that putting the three lamps together was simple and straightforward. One customer praised the heft of the lamps. The customer found that they were weighty enough to feel like true quality and to provide good stability.

In terms of “cons”, we checked customer reviews for this set carefully, in order to balance out our review. A few customers did express the viewpoint that the fine detail painting on these lamps was a little bit lacking. However, they customer acknowledged that they were paying very little for the three lamp set and most were happy that they bought their sets, despite this issue.

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Should I Order The Normande Lamp Set?

If you want to get lighting for a room taken care of without spending hundreds of dollars, you’ll find that this budget-priced set offers plenty of benefits. Also, this set is very easy to find online. After you’ve ordered it, look forward to simple assembly and pretty lamps which offer visual appeal and a good level of lighting.

While some customers did have issues with the finishing on these lamps, most were happy that they purchased them. If you have realistic expectations, based on the low price point, we anticipate that you’ll be pleased with this three lamp set. It’s got the features that most budget-conscious shoppers are looking for and it’s nice to get enough lamps to light a large room in just one kit.

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