A Review Of The LG Electronics HF80JA Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

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4.6/5 on August 4, 2017
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Today, we’re going to share information about the features, benefits and pros and cons of the LG Electronics HF80JA Laser Smart Home Theater Projector. This model is high-end, so it’s an investment. However, it comes from LG, which is a respected electronics manufacturer with a good reputation.

If you’re in the market for a home theater projector which will give you the ability to enjoy an authentic cinematic experience, right from home, then this projector is well worth a closer look.

Let’s start things off by discussing its main features…

Main Features of This Projector

Product Specs:
Model: HF80JA
Weight: 4.6 pounds
Dimensions: 13 x 4.25 x 8.7 inches
User Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $1499.99
Lowest Price: $1496.99

This product features full high-definition of 1920 by 1080 pixels. If you want image clarity and crispness, you’ll find that this top-tier home theater projector really delivers. Also, it is equipped with wireless connection for laptops and Android devices, as well as Bluetooth.

In addition, this model is rated for two thousand lumens of brightness. As far as lamp life, the HF80JA will run for up to twenty thousand hours without needing replacement. If you want the ultimate in modern connectivity, you’ll be pleased to learn that this projector provides inputs for S/PDIF optical, USB, RGB, webOS and HDMI.

One bonus of choosing this popular, best-selling model is that you’ll gain access to the LG Smart TV platform. It’s really simple to utilize along with a Magic Remote. You’ll love the Magic Remote, Magic Mobile Connection and Magic Zoom Big Vivid Picture compatibility that this projector offers!

When you select the LG Electronics HF80JA Laser Smart Home Theater Projector, you’ll access a viewing experience up to one hundred and twenty inches. Your films will display in full high definition, with superb, 1080 pixel image quality. Since you’ll be able to enjoy such a large picture, you’ll definitely get the “movie theater” vibe, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Who Is It Right For?

This projector is right for discerning movie fans who don’t mind spending more for top quality. It’s got premium tech features and it’s also very user-friendly. While it’s certainly not a budget model, its built to last and it’s lamp will operate for a long time without having to be changed.

If you want something low-maintenance with all of the latest technological advancements and connectivity features built right in, you’ll appreciate what this model has to offer.

Important Note: When you get your first look at the LG HF80JA, the thing that jumps out at you immediately is the size of this projector. It is tiny compared to other projectors on the market. Smaller than an American football, the LG HF80JA is able to have such a compact size due it only having a single image source rather using three separate LCDs like most projectors.

Main Benefits of This Model

This sleek and sophisticated projector comes with Bluetooth Sound Out. This means that you’ll be able to steam audio right from the projector to your Bluetooth sound equipment, such as speakers, portable speakers and headphones. This is great, as you’ll be able to access stellar sound, in addition to the excellent picture quality that this projector provides.

As well, this high-tech home theater projector comes with a mirroring function which is wireless, which will allow you to link it to your smart phone or your tablet. USB connectivity is also offered. As well, you’ll find that it’s so simple to display pictures, view videos and create presentations with Excel, PowerPoint and Word when you select this model.

Just plug in your USB Flash drive. The system will detect the device and then configure the screen automatically in order to provide you with the best viewing experience. Optimal picture alignment will always be at your fingertips.

When you buy from an LG supplier which is authorized, you’ll access a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. This is a USA warranty. The projector itself has a fresh, white finish which is very attractive.

When you order, you’ll receive a package which includes a low-profile mount for the projector, an HDMI cable which is high-speed and which measures two by six feet, as well as a transformer tap of the USB type. The tap is black and it is outfitted with a six-outlet adapter for the wall, as well as couple of ports. You’ll also get a cleaning pen with an LCD lens.

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Pros and Cons of This Model

In terms of pros, it’s got the high-def resolution that people want, as well as connectivity features which are truly world class. This model has it all in terms of offering users the options that they want and its Smart TV feature is definitely a key selling point.

This model does get some pans from real-life buyers. To balance out our look at this model, we read these reviews carefully. One customer didn’t like the customer support that was provided by LG and feels that technical support and customer support for this model is sorely lacking. Another had trouble making the Smart TV features work with his/her model.

While feedback for this projector isn’t perfect, it does offer good performance to most people who buy it. If you want high-end home theater and prefer to buy from a well-known brand, then this projector may be ideal for your requirements and budget.

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