A Review Of The Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Charcoal Blue Linen Platform Bed

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4.5/5 on August 8, 2017
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If you want a gorgeous new headboard platform bed which comes with slats and which is king size, then we think that you should seriously consider buying this design from Home Life. It comes in a charcoal blue finish which is beautiful, sophisticated and serene.

This platform bed has a dramatic, tall headboard and it’s also incredibly affordable.

Today, we’re going to share more information about this elegant headboard platform bed and its many great features. To give this review balance, we’ll also talk about the pros and cons of this unit.

Main Features of This Model

Product Specs:
Category: Bedding & Bath
Weight: 0.6 pounds
User Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $154.99
Lowest Price: $164.99

This is a king size unit with a small price tag. We put the headboard in the budget price bracket and feel that it offers plenty of impressive quality for a fair and low price. The outer dimensions of this model are 89 inches long by 85 inches wide by 51 inches high.

The platform bed features a lovely linen covering for a natural and stylish look. This platform bed comes with slats and it’s remarkably simple to put together. You won’t need a box spring with this well-made and inexpensive headboard. It’s shipped out new in a couple of boxes.

Who Is It Right For?

You’ll need a king-sized mattress. This is really the only criteria. We feel that this design is probably best for those who want to spend as little as possible on a linen platform bed. However, we also feel that this platform bed looks a lot pricier than it is. Part of the reason it looks expensive is because it is covered in linen. Natural fibers are often used in high-end designs. Also, the charcoal blue color is really refined.

A bit of blue in a bedroom is great in terms of promoting a restful atmosphere. Blue is known to create feelings of peace and serenity, which is why it’s so many people’s favorite color.

You should like the way that this headboard platform bed looks. It’s important to love it, as you need a bedroom which is a sanctuary. A headboard which is beautiful to you will help you to feel happy while you’re preparing for bed or just lounging around.

We think that this model is really gorgeous, especially in light of its low price tag. If you have a king-sized mattress or are considering buying one in the near future, this may be the ideal headboard platform bed.

Main Benefits of This Design

We’ve talked about a lot of advantages of this design already. For example, we love its stylish look and natural linen covering. As well, we love the fact that no box spring is needed in order to set it up. Naturally, the low price of this model, which comes from an established brand, is also extremely impressive. Loaded with great features, and bestowed with a modern look and soothing blue-grey finish, this pretty headboard platform bed basically has it all!

It’s truly remarkable how high-end this design looks. It’s actually has a budget price tag but it wouldn’t look so out of place in a bedroom photo shoot from Architectural Digest. It’s very clever the way that the team at Home Life have created something with true designer appeal and managed to produce it cheaply, with a mind to offering it to customers who don’t have a lot to spend on bedroom decor.

Few headboard platform beds in this price point offer the same level of style. We’ve looked at many and this is our favorite.

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Pros and Cons of This Model

In terms of advantages, this model is really lovely to look at. It’s nice to have a bed that you’re proud of and choosing this platform bed will make you feel like royalty. You’ll get the boutique hotel bedroom look! As well, we believe in the Home Life brand. It’s respected and many of its home furnishings and accessories earn accolades from consumers. The reviews for this platform bed are incredibly good. Lots of people who invested in this inexpensive headboard platform bed just love their beds and they are so glad that they took the plunge and ordered them online.

As for drawbacks, one customer did complain that the bed was smaller than anticipated after setup. This review detailed a complaint which no one else mentioned, so it may be possible that the reviewer in question received a defective product or set the headboard platform bed up improperly.

One customer did leave an important piece of advice, which is not to push the back of the headboard right up against a wall. The back of the headboard is finished in black and this customer found that the dark covering on the back of the headboard discolored the white bedroom wall. To avoid this issue, just leave a little space between the back of the headboard and the wall.

Now that you know more about this superlative headboard platform bed, why not order it today?

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