A Review Of The Gourmia GCM6500 One Touch Automatic Espresso Cappuccino & Latte Maker

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4.5/5 on August 4, 2017
T. T. Ates

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Investing in an affordable and dependable home latte, espresso and cappuccino maker will be a cost-effective decision. in fact, this type of machine may pay for itself over time, by saving you a bundle on Starbucks coffee drinks!

When you choose the Gourmia GCM6500 One Touch Automatic Espresso Cappuccino & Latte Maker (ASIN B01MDT4P64), you’ll be able to enjoy perfect taste and aroma, without needing any special barista skills. Today, we want to share some important information about this practical, popular and attractive machine.

It’s not too expensive, so it’s a nice choice for those who don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of bucks on high-end espresso/cappuccino/latte machines!

Main Features of This Product

Product Specs:
Category: Appliances
Model: GCM6500
Weight: 11 pounds
Dimensions: 8.25 x 14 x 10 inches
User Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $349.99
Lowest Price: $139.99

When you select this model, which comes from the respected Gourmia brand, you’ll be primed to enjoy one-touch performance. You’ll have the capacity to create lattes and cappuccinos which are balanced to perfection, just by pressing a single button for each drink. As well, you’ll love the authentic Italian design of this machine. It’s charming to look at and works beautifully. It will adorn your kitchen counter and you’ll feel like a barista while you use it, even though you’re enjoying so many automatic features which dramatically cut down your workload!

This machine is so fun to use, for newbies, intermediates and experts alike.

Also, it includes a frother for milk which is built-in. It will work alongside the espresso maker in order to create the most delicious and aromatic coffee drinks.

Who Is It Right For?

This design is compatible with Nespresso. If you want to use capsules from Nespresso, you’ll love the fact that this machine gives you that option. So, we recommend this machine for Nespresso fans or for those who want to experiment with Nespresso convenience, ease and technology for the first time.

Also, if you’re searching for a gift for a special someone, you should know that this model offers amazing performance for a terrific price. While prices may vary based on which online retailer you choose, this unit is generally priced very competitively. It costs a lot less than many similar machines.

Anyone who loves designer coffee will benefit from owning this model. In this sense, it’s right for all coffee fans!

Main Benefits of This Machine

Espresso and other coffeehouse-style beverages should be perfect every time. When you select this machine, you’ll access that kind of impressive quality consistency. Put in the Nespresso pod of your choice and then press a button. Once you’ve done so, you’ll find that the machine takes care of the rest. This system has so many benefits, including a two-tank system which precisely controls temperature, as well as pressure. It’s designed to take the guesswork out of making perfect coffee drinks.

If you love foam on your coffee drinks, you’ll adore this machine’s SideBar milk foaming system. It’s a smart system which requires nothing more from you than the filling up of a container. If you want a “tall” drink, you’ll find that the machine’s base (DuoDrain) is detachable. You may remove it easily in order to “go Grande”. This machine features striking design, plenty of pleasing simplicity and fantastic results.

Pros and Cons of This Machine

This machine really works for us. We love everything about it and we’ve noticed that most customers who review this system love it, too. It’s easy to recommend this model as it’s so simple to set up and use and making great coffee drinks with the machine is a total breeze.

Also, we’re Nespresso fans. We love their pods and find them easy to access. If you feel the same, you’ll find that this system’s Nespresso compatibility is a real plus.

We had no trouble mastering this machine, as it’s equipped with a high level of automation. Anyone can press a button and this is the beauty of this user-friendly model. It requires no special barista ability, yet it makes people feel like baristas, because it does produce coffee drinks of exceptional quality.

In terms of cons, we really had to search to find “pans” of this model. One customer complained that the machine didn’t puncture the pods properly and therefore wasted them. This person may have received a defective model. Another found that the machine didn’t get coffee drinks hot enough.

In general, people like this model. It’s cute to look at, it has a reasonable, mid-range price tag and it doesn’t require any special skill to use. As well, Nespresso is very popular so people who like Nespresso brands have amazing options in terms of which pods to use with this machine.

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Is This Model Right for You?

If you want true coffeehouse taste, without the work, you’ll love this machine. You’ll be able to whip up delectable coffee drinks rapidly and we find that this machine is easy-care.

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