A Review Of The AOC Agon AG352UCG 35 Curved Gaming Monitor

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4.4/5 on July 27, 2017
D. W. Taylor

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Looking to take your gaming experience to the next level? The Agon 35” Curved Gaming Monitor may be just what your looking for. Created by AOC, the monitor offers a top level gaming experience without the typical cost. Loaded with unique features and improved NVIDIA card connectivity, the monitor is a strong contender for anyone looking to improve or create their perfect gaming rig.

Key Features

Product Specs:
Model: AG352UCG
Weight: 26 pounds
Dimensions: 33.35 x 10.49 x 23.11 inches
User Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars
Editor Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
MSRP: $899.99
Lowest Price: $880.99

At 35 inches, the monitor includes a 3440 by 1440 resolution. The display port is 100hz and there is a 4ms response time. Along with the resolution is the brightness, which features a 300 cd/m2 along with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20 million to 1. The aspect ratio is 21:9. This will allow you to experience wide quad HD at over 4 times the resolution as regular HD. If you like vivid and crisp visuals, then this is the monitor for you.

When it comes to sound options, the Agon 35” Curved Gaming Monitor is equally impressive. The Agon 35” Curved Gaming Monitor also comes with a 1.2 display port and a 1.4 HDMI. In addition, there are 2 USB 3.0 ports. 1 of the ports also works as a charger. Speakers as well as an audio line-in/out are included.

The NVIDIA G-Sync technology is another plus of the Agon 35” Curved Gaming Monitor. Eliminating screen stuttering and input lag, the monitor provides the smoothest experience when paired with an NVIDIA G-Sync card. In addition, the monitor comes with an AOC Shadow Control. Now you will be able to see even the darker parts of the screen in perfect clarity.

Want to play with the monitor on your desk? No problem. The Agon 35” Curved Gaming Monitor also comes with support to be wall mountable with an adjustable height. A sleek black casing with silver legs means that this monitor will fit in regardless of where it is placed. Bring the curved monitor gaming experience to your computer and enjoy your favorite games like never before.

The monitor measures in at 10.49 inches by 33.35 inches by 23.11 inches in size. It’s weight is 26 lbs. It comes with a fully adjustable stand and is LED-lit.

Important Note: Some users have asked about the 100Hz refresh rate and how it compares to the Acer x34 Predator (reviewed here) and its refresh rate. In comparison, the x34 is set to 60hz by default but has an overclock setting to 100Hz. The Agon is also set to 60Hz by default but can easily be changed to 100Hz in Windows without any overclocking.

Main Benefits

So, what sets the Agon 35” Curved Gaming Monitor apart from the competition? First there is the size. The 35-inch monitor wraps around you fully bring you into your gaming experience. There is also the price. At $899.99, the monitor is several hundred dollars less than comparable models. While there are better monitors out there, you will have to pay significantly more for a relatively small benefit. There are also 3 and 4-year warranties that can protect your monitor even longer.

The G-Sync feature provides unparalleled smoothness and visual quality while playing. Reducing a lot of the stuttering that can occur even with the best setups, AOC went above and beyond with their monitor. If you want a smoother gaming experience and you have or are willing to buy an NVIDIA graphics card, then this is the monitor for you.

The curved monitor is sleek and streamlined. It will work well visually regardless of your set up. The size of the monitor fits well into existing desktop spaces and does not typically require that much of a reconfiguration of space. Anyone familiar with installing a new monitor will not have an issue with this model.

Pros and Cons


  • Top of the line gaming monitor with the features you need to be competitive
  • Will last you for years to come as a competitive gaming monitor
  • Curved gaming monitor offers fully immersive gaming experience
  • Works seamlessly when using NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Can set to 100hz for an incredible gaming experience
  • Inexpensive compared to the competition
  • Excellent support if issues occur during shipping


  • A screen flickering may occur when G-Sync is turned on for a select few. The flickering can be gotten rid of by turning G-Sync off. AOC tech support is currently looking into a fix that will remove this issue.
  • Some customers reported minor damage during shipping. Replacement monitors were sent with no issues.

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So, is the Agon 35”Curved Gaming Monitor Worth My Money?

From the information gathered, we believe it to be a solid purchase. Until the next major advancement in screen technology, the Agon 35” Curved Gaming Monitor is a smart idea. An excellent monitor that provides an amazing gaming experience, the monitor should at least be on your list of possible considerations. Far cheaper than the competition, you stand to save a lot by going with this less expensive alternative. We recommend you get it with the $73.49 4-year protection warranty to secure your investment for years to come. While there may be more considerations out there for those who do not have an NVIDIA graphics card, those with the card would be hard pressed to find a smoother experience out there.

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